Sunday, July 8, 2007

2007 PEE


Who am I?
Just a guy who loves to ride bikes. YuriB to be more concise.

Who might like this?
People who like endurance mountain biking events, that can be self-sufficient, have a sense of adventure, and a sense of humor. If you decide this is for you, please chime in on the comments so I have an idea of how many people will attend. As the date gets closer I will be contacting contacting everyone via email with the details and providing the cue sheets and a gpx track.

A free 88 mile (7192 ft. of climbing) ride departing from Phoenix and encompassing single track, double track, canal paths, bikeways and roads within the confines of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.


Saturday November 17th, 2007 at 6 AM. Race will begin from my house with a neutral 5 mile ride to the 1st single track where it will be on like flan.


Course information is under development but the two main ranges will be the Phoenix Preserves (Trail 100) and the McDowell Mountains. Guesstimates at this time are 15 miles road, 40 miles single track, 15 miles double track and 35 miles on canal paths and other bike paths segregated from cars (mostly dirt). Check back on occasion for updates.
These links will be somewhat useful:
Resized version of the above MAG map


Free "underground" endurance mtb events are nothing new. I like the idea of local riders coming up with great events that bring people together, showcase local trails and all for free.
This is a taste of some of the local riding we do.
I've had this idea kicking around in my head for some time and we've done variations of it.
After watching Dave C pull his events together and missing out on Scott's event I thought it was time to do mine. Course you gotta have nod to Mike Curiak, the unofficial granddaddy of this kinda stuff who inspired many of us directly or indirectly. Jim W and and Troy M also deserve major props for their efforts for underground racing in AZ.
Lodging will be provided to racers at my house in west/central Phoenix that Friday and Saturday night in the form of couches, floor space and a grassy backyard. This will facilitate the departure and provide a place for showers and such after PEE in addition to a post race BBQ and beer-bust. Those who do not stay Friday night should anticipate being at the start very early on Saturday.

Fine Print:
that was stolen from dave

1) You are physically on your own. All food, water, and supplies must be either carried by you alone, purchased from a store off-route or along the course. No "coincidental" prearranged support, psychological or physical. If you bonk, get lost, or have a major mechanical or injury, have the knowledge, wherewithall, and ability to get yourself found and saved without the assistance of others.

2) Follow all LeaveNoTrace guidelines. No wrappers, tubes or any trace other than a tire or foot print left on the trail! . Knowledgeable violation will lead to a DQ and lifetime ban.
PEE is OK off trail.

3) Be a good citizen. Interpret #1 within reason. If you see fit (and you should) to give a fellow racer directions, mechanical assistance, water, a tube, or moral support, or simply heckle, do so. Similarly, do not expect or feel entitled to any of the above. If you are heckled realized it is done with love. It's nice to have good neighbors, but there isn't a law mandating it.

4) Obey all laws, natural, man made. Don't be mean to hikers, equestrains, weekdn warriors, don't cut off traffic break traffic laws, or ride bikes off trail.

5) There may be a roving neutral support vehicle but don't count on it for anything. Think of it as more of a bonus if you encounter it.

6) This type of event is inherently dangerous. You could get seriously hurt or even die. Participation in the race means you understand this. Carry identification, insurance information (if you have insurance) and a communication device.

I am not a good writer of words.
So here is a pictorial taste of PEE.

The first small canal section.

These signs will get you through the Phx Preserves until Dreamy Draw.


There will be a couple miles of road and then a path
along State Route 51

Then you will reach Reach 11 and you can see
the climbing in the distance.

Riding Reach 11 usually looks like this.

With some of this.

You'll follow this trail thru Reach 11

Eventually you will arrive at the McDowells
where the suffering can begin.

Looking back from whence you came.

Up and down is the MO for the McDs



Then you'll make your way back on this.

And this.

The ride is essentially these two combined

Tho neither capture the entire race....


Dave said...

I'm there!!

I like the idea of an urban adventure, and volunteering up your casa is a great gesture. THE reason the Kaibab went so well was the social before and after.

I started reading the Fine Print and thought, hey, this guys sounds pretty damn smart.....

Sean said...

Sounds like I might need to get some time off work, get into shape, and put gears on the Unit. Yeah, it's not going to happen but a guy can dream can't he? As if I really needed a reason to come back. I like the idea of less pavement than FOTP.

-gary said...

well, well, well. looky here! we gots ourselves a little urban endurance race. seems like someone spent time indoors this weekend, scheming and dreaming.

i am down with the brown frown and am willing to host riders at my house (tempe) as well.

you ARE getting a keg, right?

YuriB said...

hey dave, why mess with a good thing ;-)

sean, get yer ass down here. take november off.

Anonymous said...

Seeing more of this stuff popping up just makes me smile...

Cheers, Yuri.


Enel said...

Looks great.

CX bike doable, or is that nuts?

In other words, how bad are the dirt portions? Seems to me the Mcdowells call for a bigger gun than 41mm tires?

YuriB said...

good question.
i think the worst section on a cross bike would be the descent down windgate. the mc dowells will certainly be a bit of a challege but the rest of the course would be ideal.

Chad Brown said...

Count me in!

critter said...

wow... this looks killer. I'm there too...


Anonymous said...

I think some Flagstaff folks are coming down. Dara and I have it marked on our calendar.
Cheers, Troy

jeff said...

rock on man. i'm game.

jeff -

daralyn said...

Don't know if Troy already let you know, but count both of us in!